Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, I hear sirens every night They are like lullabies To sleep away the nightmares, To escape the monsters lurking, Only because I'm safe inside Meanwhile, those who have no homes Feet connected to the streets Found safe haven on the concrete Are running from men in uniforms To haul them into a … Continue reading Dear Mr. President

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To Whom It May Concern

I never know where to start Because once I try to speak The words get lost in my train of thought Afraid to make its way back to me So I sit there quietly Trying my best to say something -anything really But I start to see flashes Of what he did to me Now … Continue reading To Whom It May Concern

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Dear Kenneth, I Love You

Our first conversation was through text We were sitting in the same room Without the "will he or will he not reply" anxiety I was talking while you were typing Because you were unable to speak You were sweet but kind of impulsive You met me out of recommendation After a wisdom tooth extraction For … Continue reading Dear Kenneth, I Love You

Why You Should Be Watching ‘The Bold Type’

Career, love, friendship, and LGBTQ representation this show should be your favorite. When YouTube recommended me the season one trailer of "The Bold Type," I was curious and was immediately hooked. Not only did it star my favorite American Idol contestant Katie Stevens but it felt like a modern "Sex and The City" --without a┬ápenis … Continue reading Why You Should Be Watching ‘The Bold Type’

Hold My Hope | Poetry

These stars have died, bloodshed Lights sparkling on the other side Hold the hand of the lost Hold the hand of the condemned These self-called saints Wreak hell in the streets (Knock on doors) Hold the hand of the never was Hold the hand of the never were Thousands have died For misinterpreted sins (Fall … Continue reading Hold My Hope | Poetry

Women In Media Who Are #Goals (For Me At Least)

There are many women who inspire me to become a better version of myself. Some of them are fictional and the other half are actual people. But what they all have in common is that they make me want to change. Growing up I had very few role models to look up to aside from … Continue reading Women In Media Who Are #Goals (For Me At Least)

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Obscure Loneliness | Poetry | Dear Juliet

I lay there Hearing echoes from other rooms, dishes on the kitchen sink, and the building's faulty pipes. I lay there With a willingness to move But no strength to So I wait For what? Anything really. My mind decides to rest slowly drifting away from the sound, my bed, and this head I lay … Continue reading Obscure Loneliness | Poetry | Dear Juliet

How An Accidental Like Turned Into A Lesson |Dear Cupid You’re A Jerk

The last thing you want when you're scrolling through a cute guy's Facebook profile is to accidentally like something from five to six year ago -fuck it happened to me. Sadly, I didn't realize it in time instead I got a message from said guy thanking me for liking his old profile picture. I was … Continue reading How An Accidental Like Turned Into A Lesson |Dear Cupid You’re A Jerk

I’m Trying To Improve Myself But I Also Want To Take Care Of Myself

I've read an article recently about how Millennials (such as myself) are addicted to self-improvement. The article mentioned how self-improvement in itself is a good idea but there is a dark side to it as well --but only if it's done incorrectly. Buying a self-help book doesn't immediately mean you're growing yet it feels like … Continue reading I’m Trying To Improve Myself But I Also Want To Take Care Of Myself

Worst Job Interview Moments

I am no stranger to job interviews since I was 19-years-old I've been selling myself to employers. Some were great while others I wish I didn't even bother attending. It sounds harsh but it felt like I wasted most of my time in traffic only to be stuck in a sucky situation. So I will … Continue reading Worst Job Interview Moments