Dear Question mark (Skinny Jeans)

You were the question mark

That was written on my heart

The hand I was waiting to hold

But I guess fate was never on my side

I was always on the sidelines

The girl in the background

Always lost and never found


If you give me a chance today

I’m telling you its too late

Starting something that won’t happen

I’m not going to fall again

I was there from the very start

I was always there to wait

So if you give me a chance today

You’re a little too late

I used to wait in the cold

Cry as if you can hear me

Through your closed window

But things have changed

I stopped dreaming of your face

All my tears were a waste

I finally told myself to let go


I already ran out of patience

I’m tired of the silence

The girl with not a single line

While you’re charming your way to my heart

Do you know how hard I fell for you?

Why cry for something I never had?


I already walked away

Because there’s nothing to lose

Nothing for me to choose

I have no reason to stay

Three years standing aside

I rather move along than to wait


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