Scattered Poetry


Someone asked me if I enjoyed writing love poems
I said yes, but I was lying because I didn’t want to explain
I do not enjoy writing about an emotion that has a thousand songs,
A thousand movies and best selling novels
I do not enjoy writing an emotion everyone has the same descriptions for
But with different metaphors
What I meant to say was “no, I do not enjoy writing love poems.”
I enjoy writing about him.
I enjoy trapping him in my words because it’s the only way I could keep him
I love putting him in my verses because it was my only way of communication
Even if he rarely replied to any of them
I enjoy writing about him because he is the only subject no one knows
He shares a name with a thousand others but he is the only one my poems are about
So if you ask me if I love writing about love
I will say no and instead point you to the direction of the reason why
And maybe just maybe you’ll see him walking on my scattered poetry



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