Museum of Broken Relationships

Hey you, I like you and it’s weird that you like me too
How you like someone so damaged baffles me because I can’t see what you see
But I would like to welcome you here, where every single one of my relationships came to die
Oh they’re all still alive; they just decided they were better off living without me
Though there are moments where I was the one that cut the chords
However I rather not explain moments or misinterpreted words
That led to our demise without going into detail
Instead let me introduce to you the pieces I mention in all of my poems
Actual pieces, things they gave before deciding to call it quits
Before one of us grew tired of the other and before one of us chose someone else
Let’s start shall we?


There’s this shirt he gave me, it’s still in my closet buried beneath most of my other clothes
Its red, his favourite colour and it was mine too for a brief time
Because I was fourteen and forcing myself to believe we were soul mates
He gave me that shirt because I spilled coke all over the polo of my uniform
He said I looked better in his clothes than he did
And then three days later he called me crazy and we broke up after fighting for the nth time.


And now the next piece is a cliché, the usual gift for your first month together
It’s a teddy bear; I cuddled it as much as we did
It’s still on my desk because it fits the aesthetics
The only time I remember how I got it is when I’m drunk and thinking of him
Because we haven’t spoken in what? Four years now.
I wonder if he thought of me as often as I thought of him
Thinking how we left things, I was apologizing and I forgot what for
But I do remember him leaving me in the cafe because he didn’t want to fight anymore


Then there’s this, it’s a book, a pretty good one too
I never actually finished it but i always tell people it’s my favourite
When in fact it’s not, I think the only lines I’ve re-read over and over
Were the ones he wrote on the front page hoping that I’d love his gift
I did for a moment because I was so in love with him that I associated my feelings with the book
And the only reason why it’s still on my shelf is because even if he didn’t stay
Doesn’t mean the book has to pay the price for his stupid mistakes

I can stop if you want, because I already mentioned 3 out of five
And yes I’ve shortened the list for your benefit,
You do not need to know the others most of them are in the trash
You might want to walk away now before i get to the last two
Honestly i wouldn’t even blame you


So here’s our fourth stop, like it? It’s another cliché it’s his jacket
It’s too big for me; I don’t know why I still have it
I even washed it because i didn’t like the smell of beer and cigarettes
I thank God it doesn’t smell like him anymore because I see that jacket and i remember that night
He said he was drunk, but even if you drown enough bottles and had enough shots
You would know what your girlfriend looked like in a hazy state
I forgot to give it back because if I saw his face I might end up punching him again
But we’re all good; he said I could keep it now it’s just for display



And here we are now… our last stop, it’s a broken CD
It’s from him and I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about him
There isn’t anyone who doesn’t know about the feelings i had for him
They said that he and I are soul mates, meant to be and fate finally brought us to meet
And I broke the mix CD he gave me hoping it would shatter that image of us
It took around… three years until I decided we were better of co-existing
Rather than trying to stitch moments to be something we could’ve been
I said i loved him and he chose 6 months of constant avoidance
And then another three months of forced distance

That was the tour hope you enjoyed it
Do you still like me? Because I don’t want you to be part of this museum of faults
I do not want you to be with this mess of a person trying to figure her life out
I’m willing to give you an exit strategy, there’s a map in my pocket
That will lead you to the nearest exit



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