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“Dear Juliet” started out as an outlet for my poetry, I treated it like a personal diary. I would constantly post poems about my teenage angst and stories about heartache told by a teenager who doesn’t know how to grasp the concept of love yet. Fast forward three years later, I noticed there were actual people reading this blog. I’d get one or two comments every now and then telling me how much they relate to one of my pieces. I was touched. Knowing people related to what I’ve written made me feel a little less lonely. It meant I wasn’t alone.

The reason it was called “Dear Juliet” was that of my fascination with Shakespeare. I was fourteen or fifteen when I started this blog meaning I was new to the world of poetry. I thought poems were written with the same old English structure and by old white men. This blog helped me grow as a writer and learn more about the world of poetry. It became clear to me that this blog was meant for so much more than just another online diary.

Over the years, I thank my readers and my very poetic friends who helped me find “Dear Juliet’s” voice on the internet. I was sharing my experiences, emotions, and views to complete strangers. Now, I post more than poetry. I post pieces of my life in prose. Because in this century, emotions are also expressed in the digital platform – you just have to get a little creative.




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