About Dear Juliet

I’ve edited this page so many times I’ve lost count. It’s hard to talk about myself, I don’t know whether to downplay my writing skills or impress you. There’s another option though I’ve considered, not creating this “About The Blogger” page. However, I’ve already made one I might as well give you a brief introduction you deserve with three things you need to know about me and this blog.

First, my name is not really Juliet, it was my pseudonym for the first two years of this blog. Second,  this blog is poetry based and it’s up to you to interpret whatever it is I have written. Third, I am in the pursuit of happiness in a world where you think you can buy happiness because of commercial promises.

I have nothing else to say instead let my poetry be the only introduction to get you to know me, over and over again.



Give me love not Bad Romance

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