Sober Truths of a Drunkard

Growing up, my father told me marriage is a lie I shouldn't believe romance movies or pastors Telling me marriage is the cornerstone of love They're not asking for approval of some God They are not licensing their right to love and to hold All they want is a grand Facebook post They're not celebrating … Continue reading Sober Truths of a Drunkard


The Silence Of These Scars

I never had a love story Not a princess or knight kind of beat Each chapter had a villain draped in shiny clothes he was alluring, mysterious He knew the right words, the right moves Left notches on my bed posts He walked in and lead me in the dark had me choking his name … Continue reading The Silence Of These Scars

Not In My Vocabulary

There has to be a word for Making me feel worthless There has to be a word for this Pushing me into my own darkness Rather than be the guiding light You promised to help me see right But I guess I did something wrong For you to see me differently There has to be … Continue reading Not In My Vocabulary

A Garden of Jade Flowers

It's written in the clouds Carried by the arms of the people you love And who loves you back for someone who doesn't believe in heaven I'd like to believe you're in the sky Blissful as the memories we kept It's an ineffable turn of events I saw you not too long ago But even … Continue reading A Garden of Jade Flowers

Goodbye Alice (Sad Truth of Us)

we have an inevitable expiration date at some point in our lives we would part, the cause still unknown there will come a day where one of us has a piece of the other sadly, one bigger than the other it hurts knowing this fate that we would only be memories tucked into our subconscious … Continue reading Goodbye Alice (Sad Truth of Us)

Falling Apart and Burning

I am sitting in a burning room and all I can say is that I am fine. By the next few minutes, I would be buried with the ruins of my sanity. I am watching flames dance until everything becomes ashes along with my desire to live. Turned off my phone, my Wifi, and social … Continue reading Falling Apart and Burning

An Idiot’s Commentary

The idea of democracy is dead welcome to the age of idiocracy our minds being penetrated by ignorance written by self-appointed pretentious social media experts typing statuses that leave minds crippling tweets saying rape isn't heinous isn't considered a crime how a woman should be thankful that a man would fuck them we are no … Continue reading An Idiot’s Commentary

Cynical Hopeful

It’s easy to mistake the first time as love. Because no one finds “the one” in the first try, if so then you are a lucky bitch. Others have to go through hell and meet every single asshole in the dating pool before finally meeting the 1% of people where there are mutual interests. Or … Continue reading Cynical Hopeful

Stars, Black Holes, and Vodka

she was once a star until she can no longer shine she was burned out she is now darkness empty and trying to find fulfillment but even light couldn't pass through she walks on glitter hoping she'd sparkle once more but she's too broken while he was wonderful simply amazing and innocent he fell in … Continue reading Stars, Black Holes, and Vodka