New Year Hopes

This room forgot to be a room Twinkling lights which once Draped wall to wall Replaced by the color grey Decorated with subtle cracks and uneven coating The windows have gotten smaller Only blessed by a few hints of sunlight We are damned if the skies Decide to be a cloudy day You could almost … Continue reading New Year Hopes

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My Mental Illness is not Romantic

Dear skinny white men with a fetish for manic personalities Thank you for your movies and stories Highlighting how my mental illness Would make me the perfect woman for your Lacklustre, dull characters looking for life Or someone so broken to fill their egos Thank you for categorizing My anxiety as romantic

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More Thought Bubbles

Thoughts have resurfaced They continue to linger Each thought left a remnant of my sanity, self-esteem, and self-worth. when I thought I have a garden to flourish my emotions these thoughts resurface revealing ruins each day passes some moments are different I continue to garden despite the rubble and cracks I'm afraid Because these thoughts … Continue reading More Thought Bubbles

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What Makes Us Good?

I never knew how to answer this question: “Am I a good person?” This would lead me down a rabbit hole Of confusing questions and painful contemplation I would need to review my script of lies Maybe there’s a way I can revise the truth I can weigh in both the bad and the good … Continue reading What Makes Us Good?

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The Literary Trope I Never Loved

An ambiance of witty jokes and sarcastic banter Of obscure pop culture references, Classic novels to unknown authors, And movies directed by old skinny white men Who wears the word "genius" like a badge, Nothing is slow, everything is spinning A montage of sepia-toned laughter And shots of coffee, vodka, and cigarettes Fits into one … Continue reading The Literary Trope I Never Loved

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, I hear sirens every night They are like lullabies To sleep away the nightmares, To escape the monsters lurking, Only because I'm safe inside Meanwhile, those who have no homes Feet connected to the streets Found safe haven on the concrete Are running from men in uniforms To haul them into a … Continue reading Dear Mr. President