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The Literary Trope I Never Loved

An ambiance of witty jokes and sarcastic banter Of obscure pop culture references, Classic novels to unknown authors, And movies directed by old skinny white men Who wears the word "genius" like a badge, Nothing is slow, everything is spinning A montage of sepia-toned laughter And shots of coffee, vodka, and cigarettes Fits into one … Continue reading The Literary Trope I Never Loved


Dear Juliet is on Instagram!

However, instead of calling myself "Dear Juliet" I am using my real name. I mostly post micro poetry too short to be a blog post. Click the picture below to be directed to my poetry Instagram account. Check out the "Contact Me" tab to find me in other places too!

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President, I hear sirens every night They are like lullabies To sleep away the nightmares, To escape the monsters lurking, Only because I'm safe inside Meanwhile, those who have no homes Feet connected to the streets Found safe haven on the concrete Are running from men in uniforms To haul them into a … Continue reading Dear Mr. President

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Dear Kenneth, I Love You

Our first conversation was through text We were sitting in the same room Without the "will he or will he not reply" anxiety I was talking while you were typing Because you were unable to speak You were sweet but kind of impulsive You met me out of recommendation After a wisdom tooth extraction For … Continue reading Dear Kenneth, I Love You

Hold My Hope | Poetry

These stars have died, bloodshed Lights sparkling on the other side Hold the hand of the lost Hold the hand of the condemned These self-called saints Wreak hell in the streets (Knock on doors) Hold the hand of the never was Hold the hand of the never were Thousands have died For misinterpreted sins (Fall … Continue reading Hold My Hope | Poetry

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Obscure Loneliness | Poetry | Dear Juliet

I lay there Hearing echoes from other rooms, dishes on the kitchen sink, and the building's faulty pipes. I lay there With a willingness to move But no strength to So I wait For what? Anything really. My mind decides to rest slowly drifting away from the sound, my bed, and this head I lay … Continue reading Obscure Loneliness | Poetry | Dear Juliet

Black Mirror Relationship

I know the type They only make pop-up promises We light up like our screens They believe we're too scared To take a chance and become Something more than digital They prey on those who want love They tweet and post poetic statements, Nicholas Sparks quotes, And unknown Tumblr sources They prey on those who … Continue reading Black Mirror Relationship

Every Now And Then

There's this thought That creeps around Every now and then But never too often That one day You'll leave Others have knocked on my door They offered sweeter words And a promise of pleasure But you were the one Who stood out You didn't carry a bribery Instead, you held out your hand I took … Continue reading Every Now And Then