Dear Cupid, You’re a Jerk: I was a Hopeless Romantic when I was 10

Looking back I wish I had a time machine so I could give myself a long lecture about boys and priorities. I would’ve told her that if Hermione focused on getting boys to like her she wouldn’t have been a great witch or worse she would’ve failed a class. If only I could give her … Continue reading Dear Cupid, You’re a Jerk: I was a Hopeless Romantic when I was 10


Falling Apart and Burning

I am sitting in a burning room and all I can say is that I am fine. By the next few minutes, I would be buried with the ruins of my sanity. I am watching flames dance until everything becomes ashes along with my desire to live. Turned off my phone, my Wifi, and social … Continue reading Falling Apart and Burning

Late Night Love

Tired city lights, lazy neon signs, and street lamps people looking for bar stools, lonely eyes and a drink Shmucks looking for love in a lust filled palace a mix of desperate lovers and horny bastards doing anything to get into someone’s pants covering tanlines where wedding rings were supposed to be There’s the lonely … Continue reading Late Night Love

Tale of Two Loves

Your love chokes me and I no longer want that I said you take my breath away But you are crushing my windpipe Your love makes me bleed, your love makes me cry Love hurts but we took the metaphor literally When I said I wanted a crazy kind of love Call me insane kind … Continue reading Tale of Two Loves

What I Meant

When I said let's go out for coffee I meant to ask if you like me When I said I like talking to you I meant to say I'm crazy about you When I said I write poetry I meant I'm all out of inspiration And I'm tired of writing about him When I can … Continue reading What I Meant

Pieces of Peace: Letters I Never Sent

One: We’ve gotten closer; we exchanged books and playlists which were equivalent to sharing pieces of our souls. We shared secrets that we never told anyone else and it was the first time anyone would raise a fist to protect me. You gave me a book and I saw it as a way to tell … Continue reading Pieces of Peace: Letters I Never Sent

To the Boy with the Blue Guitar

I placed you on a pedestal No, I made you a throne to sit on However my efforts were wasted I promise this is my last piece I promise this is the last time you will ever be mentioned in my poetry Because I am tired of revisiting old conversations Same old metaphors all referring to you. … Continue reading To the Boy with the Blue Guitar

Here’s A Clue

When  I  asked you out for a cup of coffee I was trying to subtly ask if you liked me Because I needed an excuse to talk to you When I said I love this song I meant to ask your favorite hoping we're compatible Because this is a rare occasion where I dont mind playing the … Continue reading Here’s A Clue

Museum of Broken Relationships

Hey you, I like you and it's weird that you like me too How you like someone so damaged baffles me because I can't see what you see But I would like to welcome you here, where every single one of my relationships came to die Oh they're all still alive; they just decided they … Continue reading Museum of Broken Relationships