Stop Knocking

Keep your bitterness to yourself Stop knocking on my door, I don’t have a cup of sugar To fill your coffee with Try the girl next door Because you blew every second chance I gave you I’m not repeating steps one or two Hope you like lonely cappuccino nights My phone lost your number So … Continue reading Stop Knocking

Photo by David Thomaz on Unsplash

Dear Cupid, You’re A Jerk: How DTR Could’ve Saved The Mess

When you asked me if I wanted to come over, the last thing I expected was meeting your mother.  I sent you an eggplant emoji and you replied with hearts. It was clear we were not in the same relationship. I wanted something casual while you were already planning our wedding and the names of … Continue reading Dear Cupid, You’re A Jerk: How DTR Could’ve Saved The Mess

Pieces of Peace: An Old Routine

I found myself in somebody else’s bed again. I’ve already mastered this routine, a few bottles here and there. Now I’ve lost my phone in this unfamiliar mess. Tip-toeing the hallways, finding pieces of my self-worth scattered on the floor. There are times, I’d wake up next to a stranger and other days I see … Continue reading Pieces of Peace: An Old Routine

Photo by Andrea Pol

Pieces of Peace: For Every Person I’ve Been With

I was thirteen-years-old when I had my first kiss.  It was wet. I didn't understand what was happening. Was it supposed to feel this way? I've watched enough teen sitcoms and romantic comedies to know how a kiss should look like. Assuming it felt as great as having a killer soundtrack while you're making out. … Continue reading Pieces of Peace: For Every Person I’ve Been With

Goodbye Alice (Sad Truth of Us)

we have an inevitable expiration date at some point in our lives we would part, the cause still unknown there will come a day where one of us has a piece of the other sadly, one bigger than the other it hurts knowing this fate that we would only be memories tucked into our subconscious … Continue reading Goodbye Alice (Sad Truth of Us)

An Apology, Five Years Too Late

It's easy to say "I love you" I love my hair, I love your outfit, I love muffins I love waffles, I love pancakes, I love Star Wars See how easy that is? If someone says it isn't easy They're either lying or someone broke them I am both the liar and the bitter soul … Continue reading An Apology, Five Years Too Late

I Won’t Dream Of You

It’s three in the morning And I’m still crying How I convinced myself That you’re different from the rest Was a lie I fell for I should’ve known better Than to sleep with words You told me you loved me Told me you cared for me But you’re prince charming With lies on a string … Continue reading I Won’t Dream Of You

For The Heartbreak Kid

WRITING A SONG FOR YOU The hardest thing to write about is someone who did not mean to hurt you. While I’m taking tiny sips of my coffee, subtly listening to strangers conversations and getting a pop song out of my head I picture him. Maybe the song isn’t supposed to sound angry; maybe it’s … Continue reading For The Heartbreak Kid