Worst Job Interview Moments

I am no stranger to job interviews since I was 19-years-old I've been selling myself to employers. Some were great while others I wish I didn't even bother attending. It sounds harsh but it felt like I wasted most of my time in traffic only to be stuck in a sucky situation. So I will … Continue reading Worst Job Interview Moments

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Pieces of Peace: When I was 4-Years-Old I Asked If God Was Dead

My parents told me a story when I was four I came home asking “Is God Dead?” and they didn’t know how to answer it. According to my pre-school teacher, she remembers me as the little girl who’d ask “Where’s God” during Bible study time. Take note I was not in a Catholic school, but … Continue reading Pieces of Peace: When I was 4-Years-Old I Asked If God Was Dead

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Poem Day 1: I Cried My First Night

I've decided to write one poem every day. This will help me develop my talents and at the same time discipline in writing. This is also another excuse for me to be more active on this blog. I thank my regular readers who have been there since day one and others who probably came across … Continue reading Poem Day 1: I Cried My First Night

Sober Truths of a Drunkard

Growing up, my father told me marriage is a lie I shouldn't believe romance movies or pastors Telling me marriage is the cornerstone of love They're not asking for approval of some God They are not licensing their right to love and to hold All they want is a grand Facebook post They're not celebrating … Continue reading Sober Truths of a Drunkard

Saint Unknown

I was looking for sanity In all the wrong places Looking at the streets Looking underneath sheets I was looking for sanity Atop the highest buildings Looking for sanity in poison You called me a saint You said I was the saint of the lost Saint of the condemned Saint of the sinners Saint of … Continue reading Saint Unknown

Wandering Bar Lovers

I don't know where you're going and I have no idea where I'm heading might as well try to find a path together While I spill the last drop of whiskey I'm halfway drunk but still sober enough These rocky starts and winding roads are hard for someone who can't walk straight my vision is … Continue reading Wandering Bar Lovers

Pieces of Peace: Midnight ramblings for a soulmate

Photo by Alex Robert via Unsplash  Is there such a thing as soulmates in the romantic sense of the term? I once thought a past love of mine was my soulmate. Though my evidence was shallow and my reasons could be pure coincidences and not handed out by fate. Now, 12:20 a.m on the clock … Continue reading Pieces of Peace: Midnight ramblings for a soulmate

Falling Apart and Burning

I am sitting in a burning room and all I can say is that I am fine. By the next few minutes, I would be buried with the ruins of my sanity. I am watching flames dance until everything becomes ashes along with my desire to live. Turned off my phone, my Wifi, and social … Continue reading Falling Apart and Burning

ironic inspiration

Thank you for the love Unconditional I am blessed But you have damned my poetry With every touch I hear angels With every written line The devil would detest Hell bent on ruins Of my pathetic verses Interrupting my flow It’s love, for all they know Passion and angst Replaced with a metaphor Stripping my … Continue reading ironic inspiration