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Dear Kenneth, I Love You

Our first conversation was through text We were sitting in the same room Without the "will he or will he not reply" anxiety I was talking while you were typing Because you were unable to speak You were sweet but kind of impulsive You met me out of recommendation After a wisdom tooth extraction For … Continue reading Dear Kenneth, I Love You


Every Now And Then

There's this thought That creeps around Every now and then But never too often That one day You'll leave Others have knocked on my door They offered sweeter words And a promise of pleasure But you were the one Who stood out You didn't carry a bribery Instead, you held out your hand I took … Continue reading Every Now And Then

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Poem Day 6 (sort of): I won’t date actors

My friend was flipping channels She stopped on a particularly cheesy show She nudged me and pointed "Didn't you two used to fuck?" she asked I looked at the screen and saw The reason why I have sworn off actors He was merely a background character A year after, he's still craving the spotlight Still … Continue reading Poem Day 6 (sort of): I won’t date actors

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Poem Day 5: Sunsets and Beds

I want to wake up next to you Wrapped around in your arms Or back to back on the opposite sides of the bed All I want is to know your presence I want to wake up smelling coffee Brewing, while you try to cook breakfast It's either burnt or slightly cooked We opt for … Continue reading Poem Day 5: Sunsets and Beds

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Poem Day 4: Us

You're the love I thought was made-up My partner in crime But never justified my mistakes I see lights after holding your hand I reach out to an empty space Hoping you're on the other side of the bed I'd give anything to wake up beside you Every morning and every night Have you be … Continue reading Poem Day 4: Us

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Dear Cupid, You’re A Jerk: A Clueless 9 Hour Conversation

When I was fifteen I had very little experience with flirting. I didn't know how to flirt or tell if someone is flirting with me. Because of this, I came off cold and uninterested. According to a few guys, it was hard to ask me out.  But take note, I was only fifteen and I … Continue reading Dear Cupid, You’re A Jerk: A Clueless 9 Hour Conversation

Wine Stained Dreams

I found Merlot in the liquor cabinet For another night of doubt Empty glasses filled with Wine-stained fantasies Laying on my bed Reaching out to the empty space Imagining someone else's face They never had names But they were dancing in my dreams I'd wake up the next day With my head throbbing And guilt … Continue reading Wine Stained Dreams

Pieces of Peace: Midnight ramblings for a soulmate

Photo by Alex Robert via Unsplash  Is there such a thing as soulmates in the romantic sense of the term? I once thought a past love of mine was my soulmate. Though my evidence was shallow and my reasons could be pure coincidences and not handed out by fate. Now, 12:20 a.m on the clock … Continue reading Pieces of Peace: Midnight ramblings for a soulmate

Loveless Definition

You told me she loved you You reassured me that she loved you But I can see the bruises on your skin And don't you dare say you like it rough There's a difference between love and violence I know that you were screaming the night before Then by morning all you give is silence … Continue reading Loveless Definition

This was supposed to be an Americano

I forgot what I was supposed to order. I know that it’s their job to smile but dammit his smile was charmingly distracting. So I ordered the first thing I saw on the menu, regretting it once it was served. He called out my name, my heart jumped but sunk when I’ve tasted my mistake. … Continue reading This was supposed to be an Americano