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Dear Kenneth, I Love You

Our first conversation was through text We were sitting in the same room Without the "will he or will he not reply" anxiety I was talking while you were typing Because you were unable to speak You were sweet but kind of impulsive You met me out of recommendation After a wisdom tooth extraction For … Continue reading Dear Kenneth, I Love You


Hold My Hope | Poetry

These stars have died, bloodshed Lights sparkling on the other side Hold the hand of the lost Hold the hand of the condemned These self-called saints Wreak hell in the streets (Knock on doors) Hold the hand of the never was Hold the hand of the never were Thousands have died For misinterpreted sins (Fall … Continue reading Hold My Hope | Poetry

How An Accidental Like Turned Into A Lesson |Dear Cupid You’re A Jerk

The last thing you want when you're scrolling through a cute guy's Facebook profile is to accidentally like something from five to six year ago -fuck it happened to me. Sadly, I didn't realize it in time instead I got a message from said guy thanking me for liking his old profile picture. I was … Continue reading How An Accidental Like Turned Into A Lesson |Dear Cupid You’re A Jerk

Every Now And Then

There's this thought That creeps around Every now and then But never too often That one day You'll leave Others have knocked on my door They offered sweeter words And a promise of pleasure But you were the one Who stood out You didn't carry a bribery Instead, you held out your hand I took … Continue reading Every Now And Then

My Boyfriend’s Puppy Is Helping Me

I have been in a slump for the past couple of weeks but luckily my boyfriend's dog has been there for me. I just finished school last December which meant I had to look for a full-time job now. The start of the job search was promising when the beginning of this year I was … Continue reading My Boyfriend’s Puppy Is Helping Me

Spitting Out Cliches

I love you to the moon and back I'd say, Jupiter or Neptune, But there's nowhere for me to land I can keep going through space To equate my love with its distance but the farther I go I realize to the moon or the stars Would only make me miss you Roses are red, … Continue reading Spitting Out Cliches

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Poem Day 4: Us

You're the love I thought was made-up My partner in crime But never justified my mistakes I see lights after holding your hand I reach out to an empty space Hoping you're on the other side of the bed I'd give anything to wake up beside you Every morning and every night Have you be … Continue reading Poem Day 4: Us

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Poem Day 1: I Cried My First Night

I've decided to write one poem every day. This will help me develop my talents and at the same time discipline in writing. This is also another excuse for me to be more active on this blog. I thank my regular readers who have been there since day one and others who probably came across … Continue reading Poem Day 1: I Cried My First Night