Poem Day 7: Why I Burned My Journals

When I was 14 I wanted to kill myself 15 and 16, my thoughts never changed I was manic and my words proved it These past entries were filled with darkness A lot of people said I've been strong But these entries scare me Its a reminder of the struggle The struggle to wake up … Continue reading Poem Day 7: Why I Burned My Journals


Pieces of Peace: My Anxiety is not Romantic

  My anxiety is not romantic. My anxiety is not a fetish you can bring into the bedroom.  Someone told you that someone with anxiety is a great lover.  You believe because of my constant need of validation that everything will be okay; I will pour my energy into our relationship.  You are sadly mistaken … Continue reading Pieces of Peace: My Anxiety is not Romantic

Addicted To The Drug

There’s always that drug you can’t get over Until your face turns a different color   You’re my Achilles’ heel The weakness I can’t face You’re the tears in my eyes The reason for all my lies You’re the same old question That keeps me up at night   I keep on running back to … Continue reading Addicted To The Drug

Through the Looking Glass

Everyone has the same end however we can't see how our end will be like. We can't be there to witness the tears or even at times see the joy in a few people's eyes seeing your casket being buried or your body being burned. Some would most likely cry a river of tears, some … Continue reading Through the Looking Glass