Poem Day 7: Why I Burned My Journals

When I was 14 I wanted to kill myself 15 and 16, my thoughts never changed I was manic and my words proved it These past entries were filled with darkness A lot of people said I've been strong But these entries scare me Its a reminder of the struggle The struggle to wake up … Continue reading Poem Day 7: Why I Burned My Journals


Poem Day 5: Sunsets and Beds

I want to wake up next to you Wrapped around in your arms Or back to back on the opposite sides of the bed All I want is to know your presence I want to wake up smelling coffee Brewing, while you try to cook breakfast It's either burnt or slightly cooked We opt for … Continue reading Poem Day 5: Sunsets and Beds

Poem Day 2: 1-800-273-8255

There's something that makes sense Then something that doesn't There are moments of clarity There are murky thoughts too One foot out the door A split second thought Passed the highway A split second jolt Then you're awake Death is inevitable We'll be buried at some point Burned and scattered Forgotten, rarely remembered There are … Continue reading Poem Day 2: 1-800-273-8255

A Garden of Jade Flowers

It's written in the clouds Carried by the arms of the people you love And who loves you back for someone who doesn't believe in heaven I'd like to believe you're in the sky Blissful as the memories we kept It's an ineffable turn of events I saw you not too long ago But even … Continue reading A Garden of Jade Flowers