Not In My Vocabulary

There has to be a word for Making me feel worthless There has to be a word for this Pushing me into my own darkness Rather than be the guiding light You promised to help me see right But I guess I did something wrong For you to see me differently There has to be … Continue reading Not In My Vocabulary


A Garden of Jade Flowers

It's written in the clouds Carried by the arms of the people you love And who loves you back for someone who doesn't believe in heaven I'd like to believe you're in the sky Blissful as the memories we kept It's an ineffable turn of events I saw you not too long ago But even … Continue reading A Garden of Jade Flowers

Wandering Bar Lovers

I don't know where you're going and I have no idea where I'm heading might as well try to find a path together While I spill the last drop of whiskey I'm halfway drunk but still sober enough These rocky starts and winding roads are hard for someone who can't walk straight my vision is … Continue reading Wandering Bar Lovers

Paradox of a woman

It is sad that it is universally acknowledged That my whole being is set to be scrutinized That woman equals sexualize Society’s idea woman is a paradox We are supposed to be clean and pure By daintily making our hair fall over our breasts Alluring but sweet and innocent As we satisfy a man in … Continue reading Paradox of a woman

Loveless Definition

You told me she loved you You reassured me that she loved you But I can see the bruises on your skin And don't you dare say you like it rough There's a difference between love and violence I know that you were screaming the night before Then by morning all you give is silence … Continue reading Loveless Definition

damaged goods of sweet nothings

  i havent written about love since i was nineteen since i was nineteen, I was foolish thinking love could be salvaged through Facebook thinking love could be found in a few swipes and as i scroll though sweet status updates i have a bottle in my other hand to cleanse my thoughts of love … Continue reading damaged goods of sweet nothings

This was supposed to be an Americano

I forgot what I was supposed to order. I know that it’s their job to smile but dammit his smile was charmingly distracting. So I ordered the first thing I saw on the menu, regretting it once it was served. He called out my name, my heart jumped but sunk when I’ve tasted my mistake. … Continue reading This was supposed to be an Americano

To the Pretty One

Pretty my heart stops Pretty my heart hurts I could stare at you forever Because I can see a lifetime in your eyes Your shy smile may say you’re not ready But I know how to wait I die a little inside when you look away With your back turned I feel the seconds pass … Continue reading To the Pretty One

Cynical Hopeful

It’s easy to mistake the first time as love. Because no one finds “the one” in the first try, if so then you are a lucky bitch. Others have to go through hell and meet every single asshole in the dating pool before finally meeting the 1% of people where there are mutual interests. Or … Continue reading Cynical Hopeful

If I Die Young

If I die young, please dry your tears If I die young, please carry my words If I die young, please wear white Know that I'm safe and I've lived a life in short experiences Smile when you're walking through those church doors I believe in a God that carried me out of my misery … Continue reading If I Die Young