Poem Day 7: Why I Burned My Journals

When I was 14 I wanted to kill myself 15 and 16, my thoughts never changed I was manic and my words proved it These past entries were filled with darkness A lot of people said I've been strong But these entries scare me Its a reminder of the struggle The struggle to wake up … Continue reading Poem Day 7: Why I Burned My Journals


Poem Day 6 (sort of): I won’t date actors

My friend was flipping channels She stopped on a particularly cheesy show She nudged me and pointed "Didn't you two used to fuck?" she asked I looked at the screen and saw The reason why I have sworn off actors He was merely a background character A year after, he's still craving the spotlight Still … Continue reading Poem Day 6 (sort of): I won’t date actors

Poem Day 2: 1-800-273-8255

There's something that makes sense Then something that doesn't There are moments of clarity There are murky thoughts too One foot out the door A split second thought Passed the highway A split second jolt Then you're awake Death is inevitable We'll be buried at some point Burned and scattered Forgotten, rarely remembered There are … Continue reading Poem Day 2: 1-800-273-8255

Sober Truths of a Drunkard

Growing up, my father told me marriage is a lie I shouldn't believe romance movies or pastors Telling me marriage is the cornerstone of love They're not asking for approval of some God They are not licensing their right to love and to hold All they want is a grand Facebook post They're not celebrating … Continue reading Sober Truths of a Drunkard