Poem Day 3: Dear God

Dear God, when I was ten I questioned your existence People told me I've lost my way I've been corrupted They ask where is my faith? Dear God, when I was fourteen I had scars on my arms and thighs I was waiting for my last sigh Before finding a blade I bowed and prayed … Continue reading Poem Day 3: Dear God


Aren’t we all Human?

I came across an old lesson we had when I was in my Junior year of high school, it was Literature class and we were reading Shakespeare's MERCHANT OF VENICE. I always did adore Shakespeare, thought it is not my favorite Merchant of Venice was one of my favorites because I love Shylock's monologue. Though … Continue reading Aren’t we all Human?

Through the Looking Glass

Everyone has the same end however we can't see how our end will be like. We can't be there to witness the tears or even at times see the joy in a few people's eyes seeing your casket being buried or your body being burned. Some would most likely cry a river of tears, some … Continue reading Through the Looking Glass