Goodbye Alice (Sad Truth of Us)

Photo by Tiko Giorgadze on Unsplash

we have an inevitable expiration date
at some point in our lives
we would part, the cause still unknown
there will come a day
where one of us has a piece of the other
sadly, one bigger than the other
it hurts knowing this fate
that we would only be memories
tucked into our subconscious
We will only be an anecdote
Part of small talk, chit-chat
and mentioned in conversations
The next few days, months
(hopefully years)
Would become recollections
We would be reminiscences of our youth
It pains me knowing that
we may never grow old together
we may never have our wedding dance
Or come home to our marital bed
They would turn into fantasies
Hypothetical situations, unimaginable scenarios
An imaginary world we built for ourselves
Hanging in disbelief of this uncertain expectation
Of this closing chapter
And that is the sad truth of us



There are possibilities

One I’m afraid to consider

The other a constant reminder

And the last being the one I want

Whether I’ve lost or won

Whether I’ve ran or fallen

Because here I am

Still falling

I don’t want to see the landing

Because there are many possibilities

One where you’re not there

One where you’d not catch me

But you see me crash

Or someone else pulls me away

Or you’d catch me

There are many things I’d want to say

But I’ll never know your reply

Either I leave myself to deny

Or let my emotions steer my better judgment

Because you’ll only be a remembrance

Yet that is just a possibility

One truth yet a thousand realities

I don’t know which I’d see

But I have no choice in the matter

So I’ll let myself float in the air

Stuck without knowing

Awake yet still sleeping

Drowning in a dream

Yet I’m still walking on the pavements of reality

Avoiding the cracks of missed opportunities

While I swirl around different possibilities