Paradox of a woman

It is sad that it is universally acknowledged That my whole being is set to be scrutinized That woman equals sexualize Society’s idea woman is a paradox We are supposed to be clean and pure By daintily making our hair fall over our breasts Alluring but sweet and innocent As we satisfy a man in … Continue reading Paradox of a woman


Pieces of Peace: i am not your manic pixie dream girl

I could just be some hipster wanna be but instead you called me a “manic pixie dream girl” some two dimensional literary trope. It was sweet at first how you liked me the moment you saw me though that should’ve been a red flag. You said the moment you saw me and not the moment … Continue reading Pieces of Peace: i am not your manic pixie dream girl

Love and Shmucks (Fiction)

He called me hot and grabbed my ass. I sort of hoped he was gay but then again even a guy wouldn’t fuck him. He could’ve been attractive if he wasn’t slouching or wearing clothes that don’t fit him right or if he decided to shave that day. Don’t get me wrong, some men look … Continue reading Love and Shmucks (Fiction)