October Rains

I asked for your name I wish I never did Because I was speaking in tongues With goosebumps crawling on my neck And you hadn't touched me yet I asked for your number That was my second mistake For a year I spoke in mediocre abbreviations While I screamed metaphors to my pillow I'm dramatically … Continue reading October Rains


You Were Just An Idea

Dear the Idea I Made,   You’re not real, you never were. Okay you are real; you are human however I dehumanized you when I wrote you in way only a hopeless romantic can write. I’ve read somewhere that it’s treacherous to think of a person more than a person. It’s not flattering or that … Continue reading You Were Just An Idea

My Essay i wrote in my Junior Year about Essays

During my junior year we had an assignment to write an essay about essays. Clever isn't it? Well the idea not talking about my essay but the idea of writing an essay about essays. Okay that was too redundant. I took long writing it because I didn't understand what exactly I was writing, my first draft … Continue reading My Essay i wrote in my Junior Year about Essays