Wandering Bar Lovers


Photo by Jan Phoenix on Unsplash


I don’t know where you’re going
and I have no idea where I’m heading
might as well try to find a path together
While I spill the last drop of whiskey
I’m half way drunk but still sober enough
These rocky starts and winding roads
are hard for someone who can’t walk straight
my vision is kinda hazy for me to see the way
My words are slurred but my thoughts are coherent
With my common sense still on the tracks
even without a bottle I don’t trust my instincts
you’re probably lost and asking for directions
While I’m trapped in empty glasses and conversations
Waiting for morning to shake me
You’re patient and attached
And I cling unto you
Hoping you won’t walk into a fantasy



You’re like whiskey in my throat

Burning every time i swallow

And truth is I hate the taste of it

I could barely hold in a glass

If you think it’s an analogy of us

Or whatever it is that we have

Please take a seat with your pretentious little head

The same one I see every morning before I’d leave

Before I’d linger to savor every moment

Now I want to throw this unfinished whiskey at your face

Call me bitter or whatever word you can come up with

(Should I expect it to be clever?)

Because even I can drink this whiskey faster

Than you trying to start a conversation